Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Piggin flu!

Am massively feeling sorry for myself at the moment. Having nursed MP through swine flu recently, dodged every other person in the office sneezing and coughing all over the place and thinking myself lucky, I have finally succumbed to the dreaded lurgy. Not swine flu, just piggin ordinary flu which feels bad enough and thats despite having heroically had my vaccination a month ago!! So fire lit and house like an oven, lemsips and nightnurse taken, fleecy blanket a permanent fixture around shoulders and naff films on tv - sorted!

So not much done on the crafting front for a few days, haven't really had the energy and so much to do.........

Think I picked up the lurgy at the Christmas market in Manchester last Friday, where I met up with my old pals from Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI) - Team Risk. A good time was had by all and it was lovely to see them after what seems like ages. MP came along for the food, which he consumed in large amounts and Gary's partner Michael came to meet us after he finished work which was great. Didn't take many photo's as it was packed and have to be honest, was not fit after several hot Gluweins!!!

Michael, Sue (surgery), Ian (team risk - peeping at the back), Norman (children's), Gary (team risk) and me

MP and I left them to it about 7pm and they looked set for the night! Bet there were a few hangovers the next day.

I took part in a circle journal (CJ) on UKS, hosted by my pal Kathb earlier this year. The theme for this CJ being 'all your own photo's'. How it works - there are 10 members in a circle, each one makes an album, containing enough pages for all 10 to do a double page layout, the owner does the first pages and then posts it on to another member of the team. They do their pages and it gets posted on again. This happens until you get your original album back, fully completed.

I decided to use the opportunity to get one of my Christmas presents done. An album of photographs of my neighbors dog, Beth, who sadly died not long after the photographs were taken.

The album arrived back last week and it is incredible. My neighbors are going to love it and whilst it may be a little upsetting at first I am sure they will treasure it. So here are the pages ....

first pages done by me - Beautiful Beth

pages 3&4 'Forever friends' by Amanda (Westiegirl)

pages 5&6 'Always in our heart' by Pennyk

pages 7&8 'Beautiful Beth' by Louise

pages 9&10 'Epitaph to a Newfoundland dog' by Donna (Teajenny)

pages 11&12 'Beloved dog' by Perdita

pages 13&14 'How gorgeous you were' by Lynne (Retired Nana)

pages 15&16 'Forever' by Clairbear

pages 17&18 'Adorable' by Joan (Lilacjo)

pages 19&20 by Jayne (Craftyfeeling)

So now I just have to bind it, add some ribbon and think of something to put on the first page which will explain it to non scrappers.

Thank you to everyone who took part and did the most wonderful pages and to Kathb for hosting. The next CJ starts in the New Year, now just to decide what to do!

Thanks for looking


  1. Thrilled to see the finished pages Thank youxx

    Also loved seeing you and MP and friends too LOL!!

  2. donna aka teajenny12 December 2009 at 18:21

    Great to see all the pages now complete!! What a brilliant lot we are, hope your friends like it!!


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