Monday, 26 November 2012

Beginning to feel a lot like winter

Well winter is definitely on its way. The fire is lit, the heating is on and its still cold. Sam, Oscar, Harley, Travis and I are all competing to see who can get closest to the fire and I'm losing.
In between the showers we have had a few dry days so some nice walks with Sam but in this weather it's time to do inside jobs.
We have replaced several of the stove parts ready for winter, stocked up on coal and finally put the first coat of paint on the spare bedroom walls. It's supposed to be a cafe au lait colour but it seems a little darker than that, still its a nice colour, very dark and makes a change from the cream scheme in the rest of the house. I'll post up a photo when the second coat has gone on.
MP and I have managed a few little trips out on our own. Weekend before last we went to the cinema to see the fabulous Skyfall. Have to say, really like Daniel Craig as James Bond and this has to be one of my favourite Bond films ever.
This weekend just gone, MP and I went to Manchester for a quick wander round the Christmas market and to see Greenday's American Idiot at the Palace Theatre. The market was packed, so busy that you couldn't really see the stalls for all the bodies and the price of everything seems to have gone up again this year, £4.50 for a bratwurst! 

Town Hall Square all lit up and there's Santa.

We didn't stay long it was too crowded for us so we headed towards the theatre and stopped off for a coffee at Nero's on the way.

You can't have a Nero's coffee without one of their lovely lemon muffins

And finally onto the show.

Now I love Greenday and American Idiot was one of their best albums ever but I'm not sure about the show. The 3 leads were excellent, the set was ok but the choreography was awful, very amateurish.  Having seen Tonights the Night (live) and Mama Mia (on dvd) I expected the same kind of thing, with the songs highlighting the story but it didn't feel like that. It felt a bit cobbled together with the story almost an afterthought and the songs didn't add to it. For me they could have just stood there and performed the songs, it would not have deterred from anything at all. Still, it was a nice night out.

I have done some scrapping but the light isn't great at the moment so no pictures. I'll remedy that this weekend and get some on the blog.

Until then x

Sunday, 4 November 2012


Some weeks ago I took part in an altered art CJ over on UKS hosted by Biskit (Vicki), having got mine back I am delighted and have been meaning to post photos for a while and now I finally am. I chose Love as my topic and rather than have them in a book (which I never know what to do with) I choose to have mine on loose sheets of watercolour paper so I could frame them to decorate the wall of the bedroom MP and I are currently decorating. So here is what I got back, and great they are too.

Mrs McF 





Shirley June




As I mentioned MP and I are decorating the final bedroom. We haven't touched this since we moved into the house 6 years ago. Partly because we were hoping to adopt a baby from China and we thought this would be her room but 6 years later and still no sign of the adoption happening so we decided to decorate the room anyway and make it into a guest room. 

When I went to B&Q last week to get the paint they had these canvas's on sale at £5 each so it would have been daft not to buy a couple. They are going to be perfect altered to go in the new room, so watch this space and see what happens to them.


MP has gone off for a few days down south leaving me in charge of the boys. So hoping to get some scrapping done in between walks, so off to make a start. Till next time

Saturday, 3 November 2012

I'm a winner

Last weekend I took part in a blog hop for the 1st anniversary of C'est Magnifique kits. I love the work of Finnabair and she is their guest designer for this month. So from her blog I joined discovered the blog hop and all the fabulous designers they have on their team. One of my favourite websites was Beverly Sams and I have been lucky enough to win the prize she was kindly providing. 

And here's what I am getting, so what a happy bunny I am, after a crappy week at work, not being matched to a job, appealing against it and losing, I was in need of some cheering up and this has done the trick. MP said he hopes I am as lucky with the lottery tonight!