Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Father Christmas or Tim Holtz?

I hope everyone had as great a Christmas as I did :o) The fact I got all the things I really really wanted may well have had something to do with the fact I ordered or bought nearly all my own presents this year :o)

So Father Christmas came in the shape of Tim Holtz, with some distress ink pads, stamp sets, perfect pearls, stickles and ideology bits. I also got a gorgeous red jumper, booze (never goes amiss), money (never goes amiss either) and some fantastic black furry slipper boots that make me look like a cartoon character (huge black feet) but who cares ........... my feet are so warm it's unbelievable (shame the rest of me isn't).

Oh look at the goodies ........... shiny, pretty things

Postman Pat feet

A wonderful Christmas dinner cooked by Mum and yet again I forgot to take a photo of it, but it was scrummy. And to top it all a 2 hour post Christmas dinner siesta - what a good day.

My lovely neighbours gave me a bottle of sherry, a home made Christmas cake and some of Sarah's wonderful mince pies. No I am not a lover of mince pies normally, coz I don't like 'flies' but for these I make an exception - the pastry is to die for ......

Yum Yum

A nice few days off and now back at work. MP is having to take me and pick me up at the moment (he's on holiday) as the lane to our house is still covered in snow and ice and MP's car has snow tyres fitted (one of his Christmas treats to himself). Just as the snow started to melt it came back again and It's still snowing on and off, with bad weather predicted for New Year. Good job we don't have any plans but a quiet night in.

The photo opportunities have been great though and the icicles amazing ....


icicles from our guttering and drain pipe

icicles at the side of Bacup Road

Impressive or what?

Not done much crafting. TBH I have still got a cold and my asthma is quite bad at the moment but a trip to the GP's today and a shiny new inhailer and hopefully I should be back on track soon. Hope so, as Mum, Kathb and I are booked for Sarah's cards Warrington crop on Sunday and we haven't been for a while so I am looking forward to it. Lets hope the snow stops and I can get down the hill, no way I won't need my car (and full boot) to go to that.

Well, best get on, MP is cooking dinner and I should at least offer to help :o)

Take care all and drive safe

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