Sunday, 20 December 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well, several days later it's still snowing.

I did the shopping Friday after work and MP picked me and the goodies up from the supermarket. The nice men from the council had been and gritted the road/hill to our house (the drive down in the morning was hairy to say the least. Looked like they had started gritting and run out half way) so we managed to get all the way up. After reading the weather predictions (we have the met office in favourites!) I suggested to MP we take one of the cars down and park it on the main road, just in case, but MP didn't think it was going to be that bad so didn't bother - bet he wishes he had now :o)

Looking out of the window it's blizzard like and about 3-4 inches covering everything and it's so cold but we have a lovely fire burning to keep us warm.

Yesterday we put up our Christmas tree. Now I love a real tree, think it stems back to the dodgy silver tinsel ones we had when I was a child, so we usually get at least a 7 footer for the lounge. Getting it in is easy but not so when it comes to take it down and we have to throw it out the patio doors which are over a conservatory (my house is upside down - lounge, kitchen upstairs, bedrooms down with one of the bedrooms having a conservatory attached!), no patio, making sure to throw it clear - not an easy task. So this year in a moment of wisdom, MP suggested a pretend tree.

So ............... Snow + Real fire + pretend Christmas tree in all their glory ............

Ho Ho Ho .........

As well as trying to make bookmark/tags for my team at work I have been busy doing door hangers for the children of one of my work colleagues. Took me a full day to do these, but I am pleased with the results - just hope Finn and Joe are .......

One of the blogs I check out on a regular basis - Ink on my fingers - is giving away these goodies. Why not pop over and have a look - the stamps are gorgeous :

You got to be in it to win it!

Well, best get back to the bookmarks but the way it's going, looks like tomorrow will be a snow enforced crafting day - how sad :o)

See you soon xx

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