Monday, 30 April 2012

Having fun

Well, I've nearly managed to find new homes for all the World Book Night books, just another couple earmarked for people and looking forward to reading it myself. Our Medical Director said it's one of the best books he has ever read, now that's high praise indeed.

On a scrapping front, having scanned loads of old photo's in whilst visiting my Dad, I've started to scrap them for my album of me and I have to be honest I am loving it. As we scanned them in, Dad told me stories and info on each photo which will make the journalling a lot more meaningful and personal. It's given me a real buzz.

So here is the first LO I've done. I was going to enter if for Shimelle's weekend challenge but it took me too long to do. I struggled as I don't really do pink, but here it is anyway ........

What a porker

The second photo is another from my formative years and my entry for this months The Studio Challenge, which is to scrap a song title.

And finally, over on UK Scrappers the April 'and now for something completely different' was a great lay out using a very large photograph. Here's my entry (just need to add the journaling).

So that's it for tonight, off to watch a bit of television whilst the electric blanket warms up. Well. it's freezing up here.

Monday, 23 April 2012

World Book Night

Tonight is World Book Night if you didn't know. The idea is that once a year the lovely publishers give away thousands of books to encourage the Nation to get reading. So this year I decided to be a distributor or the book fairy as I prefer to be called and have in my possession 24 copies of the Book Thief, to distribute.
If you are interested in joining in next year, go to the website and have a look. It's fun and it's not often you get a book for nothing.

Lots of wonderful books

Monday, 16 April 2012

Sunday, 15 April 2012

and another ....

managed one

I have managed to complete the 1st challenge just in time for the 10th to be posted

my version of challenge 1

back to the scrapping corner .........

The fun continues

over at Shimelle's site with even more challenges.

Challenge 6 From one to another

To enter this challenge create a new project by changing something dramatic – like how Relly started with something very girly and made it a boy page. You can use any page from your pins, bookmarks or favourites – you can even scraplift yourself and adapt a favourite page. If you prefer more direct inspiration you can use these two layouts as your start or take a look at a few favourites I’ve bookmarked recently:one photo, two photos, two square photos, three photos or four photos. "

Having spent yesterday with my Dad helping him in his garden, which is a huge joke as I hate gardening and even bought a house especially because it didn't have a garden, I haven't managed more than half of the first challenge as yet. But I am home now and off to get cracking. I now have loads of photos to scrap having spent yesterday evening raiding my Dad's loft for loads of old photos of me he had in albums and scanning them. So plenty to be getting on with and plenty more to do.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Weekend of fun

There's a full weekend of scrapping over at Shimelle's website with the first challenges going up last night. Why not pop across, have a look or even join in. I intend to although I am going to stay with my Dad tonight as he is on his own at the moment. Might just have to take some scrapping stuff with me and play.

The first challenges are:

so why not join in, you have 8 days to upload your images, plenty of time even for me.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Sugar Rush

After giving up chocolate and sweets for Lent (which, as I got the dates mixed up, meant 44 days) MP very wisely bought me an Easter Egg which was very soon demolished along with the splats Top Totty bought me. Now I am suffering from a bit of a sugar rush, lovely ......

My mate KathB, worried about my waistline and a hyperglycaemic attack, got me some easter down loads from the Octopode factory. Which is this weeks challenge.

Just had a few days off work which with the Bank Holidays stretched into nearly a week. Good job too with the snow I woke up to last Thursday, MP was working so it was some quality time for me and Sam. We had some nice walks and Sam even had a swim or two. Took the opportunity to play with the Hipsamatic app on my phone and pretty pleased with the results.

You get a standard pack of film and flash and can buy add ons to give some great effects. It's also easy to print them as they have a service or you can send to your computer and print yourself. Love it ......

In between the walks and the siestas, I did manage a little bit of scrapping:

Scrap lifted from one of Shimelle's challenges.


this was my entry for Creative Craft World challenge but I was too slow in taking the photo and entering it. These are my gorgeous Dr Martens 1941 boots that I spend a lot of time admiring but non wearing.

I also managed to do my page in an altered art CJ I am taking part in over on UKS. So spoiler alert, here is my interpretation of Time ......

Well, think that's all I can manage tonight. The cadbury's is starting to wear off and I am ready for bed. Nothing like getting into a bed with the electric blanket on full. Till next time x