Sunday, 29 November 2009

Finally recovered

Last weekends class at Art from the heart was awesome (sorry Kath I lied). 8 hours of inking, stamping, new techniques (alcohol inks and beeswax) was hard work but fantastic. Dyan was great and very patient and we got a good look at her journals and a quick peek at her new downloads (available soon). I came away with 6 'Tim' style tags and loads of inspiration .........

Tag 1 - stamping, masking, inking using Tim Holtz Christmas stamps, inks and rock candy paint. Has a hidden pocket for small tag.

Tag 2 - Inking and stamping with a tile to highlight Santa's face.

Tag 3 - Inking with arondak inks, TH stamps, stamped grungeboard and embossed tile.

Tag 4 - paint dabbers, pigment pearls and masks, alcohol inks and TH's stamps again (not finished yet)

Tag 5 - TH stamps, inks, grungeboard and metal work.

Tag 6 - Paint dabbers, TH stamps, downloadable cut outs, beeswax (needs finishing)

Incredible aren't they?

The downloadable cutouts in Tag 6 are from Lisa's altered arts and so gorgeous I just had to pop a few in my basket :o) Pop along and have a look, you won't be disappointed.

So, inspired by Dyan's bright coloured journals and with Lisa's downloads in hand I had to have a go at something, and here it is ..........

My first attempt at altered 'art'.

My colleagues at work like to ridicule my crafting. They joke about me changing into my crinoline when I get home and sitting sewing by candlelight. If only they knew!! We are rather prone to power cuts up here!! Anyway, I took the fruits of my labours (the tags) to work to show them and they were suitably impressed and now look at me in a whole new light, candlelight lol. I did get asked if I took orders, which was quite flattering, so what I decided to do was to make each of them a tag that they can use as a bookmark or whatever. This is the first one and is for my mate Carolyn. The quote ' Work is the curse of the drinking classes' Oscar Wilde is most apt because a) she's not very happy with her job at the moment and b) she drinks like a fish!! So 1 down, 8 to go!

For tag/bookmark number 2 (Fiona's) I'm going to use Dyan's new digital downloads so I will post up as soon as its done. I am also hoping to use this one as an entry to Dyan's competition to win some goodies, so if you fancy a go, pop on over to her blog for more info.

Finally, last month I mentioned I had won an altered art journal from the immensely talented Heather Robinson, well it finally arrived and boy was it worth the wait.

Thank you very much Heather, it's fabulous.

Well enough for one entry and time to get ready for work. Early start tomorrow as we'll need time to get the ark out!

Thanks for reading x

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Carol said...

some lovely work gone into those tags, love the little girl one especially.