Monday, 30 March 2009

New challenge

Well I currently find myself in between jobs enjoying a (if I may say so myself) well earned break. I finished at MRI on Thursday and I start my new job on the 6th so catching up on jobs and some scrapping.

Nice send off with all the people I would have wanted to be there. It hasn't been all bad, I have enjoyed some of it just not the last 14 months or so. I have met lots of really great people who are doing a great job in the circumstances and I shall miss my dear friends Ian and Gary, aka Team Risk, very much, but it's not that far away that I can't meet them for breakfast at Gemini's or lunch at Red Chilli, so be warned guys, you haven't got rid of me really ..... I will also miss my good friend Lou, who has put up with me for the last 2 years whilst we have tried to teach root cause analysis to MRI. Hugs also to Norman and Shirley, who I hope will keep in touch too.

Last weekend I went to Harrogate for the paper crafting show. My mum and I made the trip, driving up on the Friday and staying in Harrogate the night before the show. Slight cock up and went to the wrong exhibition centre but a mad dash across town saw us arrive just in time for the breakfast class run by Dyan of Art from the Heart. We messed with inks and stamps and 2 days later I still have orange fingers!!! A good time was had by all and I even managed to come home with some cash (not for long though).

Managed to catch up with some of Shimelle's Scrap Like You Mean It challenges I was behind on and an entry for the CJ I am in at the moment. So managed some points for the team again this month.

Week 10 - Photo of a funny face!
Me troughing cheesecake in New York - well it would be rude not too!

Week 12 - Scrap from a sketch
Murphy and I having a cuddle and our last photo together

Fall Out Boy - using page kit from Sarah's cards (nearly as scrummy as Pete Wentz)

UKS cyber crop class - cat amongst the pigeons
My take on wild thing - pic of MP on his Tiger

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Another year older ......

Doesn't time fly? It doesnt seem 12 months since I celebrated my birthday but it's come around again and there's not a lot I can do about it.
It was a good one though ..... I spent the evening with Pete Wentz, well me and a couple of thousand screening teenagers, at the MEN arena in Manchester. For those of you who don't know who Pete Wentz is; shame on you .... but he's the pretty one in Fall Out Boy!! I may have been the oldest one there, well apart from the parents who had to take small children but it was worth it. They were excellent and so you can see what you missed here are a couple of photos .....

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Ungodly hour

For some bizarre reason I can't sleep, I keepfinding myself waking up at 2.30am at the weekends mostly for a drink but then I can't get back to sleep. I've tried playing cards on my phone and listening to my Ipod but I can't get back to sleep. So I thought I'd get up, make myself a decaf coffee and catch up with my blog.

The last couple of weeks have been really quiet, mostly due to the fact that MP and I are not speaking again. Sometimes you just wonder what you are doing with your life and this is one of those times.

Muggle has been off colour. He wasn't moving very much and seemed as if he'd hurt his spine. He did this a while ago and the vet couldn't fine a reason for it. I think he was outside and next doors dog Jen chased him, I've seen her do it before and in his hurry to get away from her, he has fallen down the gaps in the cattle grid. Anyway a call to the vets and a few days on Metacam and he seems to be back to normal again.

I've finally managed to photograph my last 3 LO's for the Shimelle Scrap like you mean it challenge:

Week 6 - Scrap with ribbons
The snow blocking the road to our house Feb 2009

Week 7 - Scrap and old photo. 
Me as a fairy for a school Christmas fair many moons ago.

Week 8 - Cut a photo
My cat Oscar and what he'd do if he was King

Today being the first Sunday of the month is the Warrington crop. Sarah has promised to bring along some more new arrivals from CHA which is good but bad. I've already spent far too much on Sarah's goodies this month and it's only just started but it's always so much nicer to see the papers in the flesh except it makes you want to buy them!

I've got my bags packed and ready to go (4), well I hate to go unprepared and I've packed the circle journal I need to do and some other photos and going to try to get more than 2 LO's done today.

Thursday I am going to see Fall Out Boy at the MEN arena in Manchester. I am so looking forward to it. I love concerts and in my youth went to more than I can remember. Sadly MP doesn't like music or concerts so stupidly I haven't been to many during the years (too many) we have been together but I am going to start going to more again, it's fun and I don't have much of that. If I manage to get any good photos I will post them for all to view.

Well I've finished my coffee now so I think I'll try and get an hours sleep before my alarm goes off or maybe I'll just not bother, make another coffee and watch an episode of Private Practice or Greys Anatomy I have downloaded.

Sleep well all.