Thursday, 17 June 2010

If I was a foot shorter and lots of other things

I would so be lusting after Billy Joe Armstrong, not everyones cup of tea but I do have a history of fancying men wearing eyeliner (don't ask unless you really want the answer). So I'll just have to appreciate Greenday's talent.

The concert last night was fantstic. Bearing in mind its only 8 months since I last saw them, they managed to make it a brand new concert, not repeating themselves from the last show, whilst still playing all my favourites and a few I hadn't heard for a while.

The only downer from the evening was the idiots throwing beer from behind (and in front). I'd seem them do this at other concerts from my seat but haven't stood at a concert for a long time. One of the joys of earning a wage and being able to afford seats. So I was not impressed, having spent good money on a new hair do earlier that day, to have some plonkers behind me throwing beer into the crowd. Thankfully it stopped before I decked someone.

Word of warning - dont take an SLR with you to a concert, they wont let you take it in. They class it as a professional camera and they aren't allowed. The only way I got mine in was to hand over the battery to security for the duration of the concert and collect it at the end of the night. Good job MP had his and it passed security (his has a huge zoom which is handy), so the photos are pretty good.

Billy Joe Armstrong

Oh it's Billy Joe Armstrong

More Billy Joe Armstrong

So a good night was had by all.

As MP and I were off today after a late night an far too much excitement for people our age, Mp caught up with photos of my lay outs. So here's what I've been doing in the last few weeks or so .........

Me with Father Christmas (probably at the old Lewis's store in Manchester) many moons ago

Me and Murphy, New Years Eve 1995

One of the 2010 cyber crop classes - Murphy again

Lauren (left) and friends at a pre prom school film night - needs a title

A Trip Down Memory Lane sketch challenge - my boys

Well thats enough for tonight. If you want to see anymore pictures of the Greenday concert or any of the other members of the band then please feel free to email me :o)

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

So excited

I am so excited ........

The sun is shining, the birds are tweeting, I'm not at work for 2 days, no dead animals in the kitchen this morning and ........... I'm going to see Greenday at Lancashire Cricket ground this evening :o)

Now if I can just fit into my leathers so we can go on the bike it will be perfect :o)

Will post photos of new lay outs tomorrow

Sunday, 13 June 2010

When I grow up I want to be a Prom Queen

I have just had a lovely few days up in Scotland. My god daughter, Jenna, had her prom on Friday and being a good girl (well her mum made her) asked me if I wanted to be there to witness the event and of course I had to go.

So leaving the boys in MP's care (worrying to say the least) I packed my bag Thursday and set off up to Cumnock in Ayrshire. Jenna was excited to say the least and rather orange when I got there (fake tan) and my other hunnies were there too, the gorgeous Lauren and young Marc and after hugs (even one from Marc) we settled down to a evening of alcohol and catching up, interspersed with laughing at some of the other local schools prom photos appearing on facebook.

Lauren's boyfriend Kieren arrived for a visit and it was nice to finally meet him (they have been going out together for 4 years) as I have been a bad friend/aunt/god mother and not visited as often as I should of late.

Friday saw us up and out for a 9am appointment at the beauty parlour where Jenna had gel nails done, then bit of shopping and the hairdressers for the prom hair do. Home for a quick lunch, a siesta for me and time to start getting ready, and here's my girl all dressed up and ready to go.

Needless to say I've taken far too many photo's, so I wont bore you all of them, just a couple of my favourites ......

Never a sheep, Jenna didn't go for the limo option to get them to the prom. Oh no, there was only one thing that would do for Jenna, and after much harassing of the poor man, this is what she hired to take them to the prom .......

One very determined young lady is Jenna and it was really awesome.

Danny, Marc, Jenna, Susan and Lauren aka The Copes

I've already started a mini album of photos to send up to Susan and Jenna and with over 200 photos, plenty to scrap myself.

I was not impressed with the t-shirt Jenna was wearing though .......

for some reason the Copes thought it was funny!!

Come on England.

Till next time :o)

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Good Week

It's been quite a good week or so since I posted, well apart from the terrible events in Cumbria. Work has been reasonable, now I have a team to manage it's been more interesting and I've had some work to do which has been nice.

One of the nice things is the area I work in. It's called Dean Clough and its a complex of converted mills. It used to be a carpet factory and it was saved from demolition and renovated a few years ago. It' stunning. Within the complex are all sorts of local businesses, a post office, an art gallery, restaurants and a theatre.

The theatre is the home for the famous Northern Broadsides, run by Barrie Rutter (who you will recognise from episodes of Porridge) and recently cast Lenny Henry as Othello, for which he won a theatre award.

So last week we had a team night out and went to see their latest production 'The Canterbury Tales'. What a great evening we had. At first I wasn't too sure, the first tale was a bit moralistic for me but the humour kicked in and soon we were giggling like school children at the rude bits (well it was medieval England). The tour is about to finish so I can't suggest you go see it but I would heartily recommend a visit for any future productions, I know I'll be there.

I have to post the following picture because it bugged me all night who this chap was. I knew I recognised him from something but couldn't place him. Any suggestions?

Seems he was in Doctors a few years back but I'm sure I've seen him in something else.

Been doing a bit of scrapping since last post but the weather has been so manky that the light hasn't been good enough to take photo's and after the blue ones of a previous post, I've decided not to use flash! So pictures later.

So inspired by the class I did at Art from the Heart last month, I have signed up for Dina Wakely's online art journalling class - art journalling 101. It looks really good and I am keen to get started.

Won't be this weekend though. I am about to go get myself ready to drive up to Scotland for a couple of days. My gorgeous God daughter Jenna is having her prom tomorrow night and I have been invited to go and see the prep and the finished article. So camera fully charged and off to take probably hundreds of photos, so plenty of prom LO's coming your way :o)

Well best get on and start my own prep and packing.

See you soon.