Friday, 19 October 2012

Problem solved

You may have noticed my blog has changed.

I've been having problems for a few weeks, things missing off the side and posts going all funny. I tried posting on the blogspot forum for advice but non was forthcoming. After much swearing and fiddling I think I got to the bottom of it.

Seems they changed blogspot some time ago and I think I had a conflict between the old format and the new. So I downloaded a new background and moved the whole thing to their new format and fingers crossed, so far so good. Only problem is I have lost some of my links to people's blogs I liked and a few challenges. So sorry if yours has disappeared, not intentional. Just let me know and I will put it back up.

Back soon with some new lay outs.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I can now reveal

As I mentioned previously I signed up for the Christy Tomlinson She Art class and have been having a whale of a time doing canvases. I couldn't post any pics earlier as one of my 'masterpieces' was a present for my pal KathB for her birthday. But as she has reached the grand old age of 44 I can now share my creation.

So here is my practice canvas

and here is the canvas I made for Kath

Now I just need to buy more canvases! I have been scouring charity shops looking for pre loved ones to alter but not having much luck so a little trip to the range is in order. My next project is to do a canvas or two for the bedroom MP and I are currently decorating. I've bought the most fabulous PIP bedding so the room is being decorated around that. So watch this space for more she art specials. 

If you haven't thought about doing a Christy Tomlinson class I can heartily recommend it. She breaks everything down into nice bite size pieces and they are so much fun to do and each one is different. Before you commit, why not check out her videos on utube. Search for Scarletlime or Christy Tomlinson, you won't be disappointed.

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Grand Day out

For our second day out we went to the spectacular Stonyhurst College. Nestled in the Trough of Bowland this private school has quite a history and includes in its former pupils Charles Laughton, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and MP's friend Phil. The former Jesuit college now opens for a few days a year to the public where organised tours take you around the college from the original building to the wonderful gardens. As a 'religous' school it has the most fabulous chapels within.

one of the stunning chapels

the other chapel (bit blurred sorry, no flash allowed and shaky hands)

For £6 each the tour was well worth it, shame it was such an awful day or a wander around the gardens to the observatory (yes it has its own for students who want to do astronomy) would have capped it off nicely.

The school houses some fabulous works of art, a real life mummy and artefacts from around the world donated by former pupils. It also has 7 huge portraits of it's 7 pupils who received the Victoria Cross in a spectacular dining room. Being a huge Sherlock Holmes fan I couldn't not take a photo of the desk from the study hall which Arthur Conan Doyle carved his name in. Can you spot it in the photo below?

The other bit of non crafting news is ...... I have a nice new car. My lovely Mazda 3 was becoming problematic (not good for a 6 year old car) and despite several trips to the Mazda garage some serious fumes coming from the engine were making my asthma bad, so after much research by MP we bought a lovely Kia Sportage and I am very happy with it.

Isn't it lush.

We also had a visit from MP's brother Dan and his wife Annette. Dan and Annette got married last year on our wedding anniversary but unfortunately MP couldn't get time off work for us to go. Having missed them last year when they stopped off in London on their way to Africa for their honeymoon we managed to see them this year on a tour of Europe. Not being organised and feeling a bit off colour with the start of a cold I didn't get a photo of them for the album so I have pinched one Dan put on Facebook for the two of them at the top of Snowdonia (and yes, they did climb it but boy was Dan in pain the next day).

Back soon with some photos of the She Art girls I have done x