Monday, 15 July 2013

Lovely weekend

Just had a lovely long weekend. Had a flexi day on Friday and as it was my Dads birthday we went off to Marks and Spencer's at Warrington to do a bit of well needed shopping. Well I say well needed, for Dad certainly not for me :o) Although I did find a few things I really needed.

After shopping we just had to go and have a birthday lunch. They have built a Frankie and Benny's near by and Dad likes the food there so we had to indulge and then the drive back to his house with the air conditioning on full blast to save us from the summer heat.

Friday evening saw MP and I spending 3 hours putting together the new BBQ. Ours disintegrated when we moved it to clean the front of the house, so in the hope we will get a summer and a chance to use it this year, we forked out on a new one.

Saturday morning was another scorcher.  A nice walk with Sam at Hardcastle Craggs, a spot of shopping for supplies in Tod and back home to do some much needed cleaning in anticipation of my friends The Copes coming to visit.

A nice afternoon sat out in the sun catching up and Dad arrived just in time for the food.

The Copes chilling

Dad supervising MP

I had a go at making Sangria, which seemed to go down well and even found time to rustle up a quick birthday cheesecake for my Dad.


The Copes left early Sunday to miss the heat and MP, Sam and I had a lazy day, with a long siesta. 

So the weekend went all too quickly but it was really nice to see Susan, Danny and Marc and to actually do something for a change.

Back soon with another update.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Disgustingly absent .....

I've been meaning for ages to update my blog, time and daft facebook games got the better of me, so finally I sit myself down (way too hot to be outside) and do some catching up ..........

We had some good weather and we had some bad weather, there were pyjama days and working from home days. MP had his post cataract check up done (both eyes done in December) and we saw Princess Anne driving through the town we live in.
I started doing project life so took pictures of anything that moved (and didn't). Oh and went a bit blonder.

The road to our house.

Quiet month. 
Got a new job, so no redundancy for me. As of 1st April will be part of the adults and children's safeguarding team. Can't wait.
Went to Scotland, sadly for the funeral of my friends mum, May McGhee. Lovely to see everyone but not in circumstances like that.

Early morning view from the Lakeside Hotel, Cumnock

Glorious start to spring, sat out drinking coffee and playing with Sam. A Birthday ice cream at Hollingworth Lake. Fabulous presents including a mini sewing machine and some Greenday Converse pumps.
Then more snow and this time really bad. Not due to volume but high winds and extreme drifting.
Booked a holiday for later in the year - Montenegro.
The first crocus's and wey hey the curlews are back - Spring is here.

Yum Yum

Started new job and off to a conference in York, think I could get used to this! Got the train for the first time in ages (expenses) - must go back this summer and have a better look around.
Moved desks! Much better view of who's coming now.
Weather improving.
Finally decorated the last of our spare bedrooms (only been 6 years since we moved in).
World Book Night - got Damage by Josephine hart.

The York 'Eye'

MP's brother Tom came to visit. He had corporate tickets for Manchester United v Chelsea at Old Trafford and kindly took my Dad along for a treat.
Hair went darker again.
Got stuck for hours on the M62 (good view of the air ambulance though) coming back from a meeting in Dewsbury.
Had a bad fire on the moors behind the house.
Made friends with a chicken and the first lambs and calves of the year.

Sam teaching Tom how to play frisbee

Some lovely weather and nice walks with Sam.
Father's day lunch at the Millstone at Mellor - wonderful food.
An x-ray of my arm following a fall in the snow (yes I left it a while).
A trip to Manchester to the theatre.

Me and my Dad x

So we are finally up to date on what I've been up to. Again, there's no crafting pics here but rest assured Project Life has been keeping my busy. I am up to date, fair enough I'm not doing the weekly spreads like some folk but rather monthly, but it still takes some doing.

It has served to get me scrapping again, something that had tailed off towards the end of 2012, and I am finally making a dent in all the Studio Calico kits lying around.

I've also been busy decorating some canvas's to go into the newly finished bedroom, so my hands have not been idle.

Next post (hopefully before Christmas) will display some of the fruits of my labour. So till then x