Saturday, 7 November 2009

Repeat Performance

Having had a fantastic time at the Greenday concert last Saturday, their first lot in the UK in 5 years, how suprised was I that on Monday they announced plans to do 2 UK Stadium concerts in 2010, with tickets going on sale yesterday (6th November) at 9am?

So keen to go see them again I dutifully penciled out 9 - 9.30 in my diary at work, told the team I was busy on important business and couldn't be disturbed, prayed the temperamental IT system wouldn't crash and logged onto the Ticketmaster website.

I got the page up and it started to load the tickets sales and what seemed like ages later it finally offered me some tickets which I grabbed. Then it came to making the payment. By this time I was sweating. Ticketmaster has this little countdown clock that tells you how long you have to complete the transaction before your tickets go back into the pot and mine was going down as I struggled to get my card details in. Then, due to the stupid security system on the card, I had to put in a password. Now I can never remember the damn thing at the best of times, let alone under countdown pressure, so needless to say I got it wrong, 3 times and the card got blocked!!! So I had to go back into the payment and change the password to something that again I'll forget. Eventually, with seconds to spare I got in and secured my tickets, so

June 16th 2010 I am going to see Greenday at Lancashire cricket ground :o)

which I am overjoyed about :o)

Now back to more mundane things ..........

MP has become a statistic. This week he has been suffering with FLU and had to take time off work. It was that or go to work in his PJ's, sweaty and horrible (him and the PJ's) so for only the second time in the 11 years we have been together MP had time off sick.

Being the kind wife (really more nursey background kicking in) I kept him supplied with fluids, Daynurse, etc and even offered to be his Flu buddy when the online test identified he probably had swineflu and prescribed his pig pills but being a 'man', he declined the Tamoxifen and decided to 'tough it out'.

He's feeling a little better now but the slightest thing tires him out. Good job he isnt prone to doing much then! He should be back to 'normal' again soon.

Dan, MP's middle brother, sent me a message on facebook this week to let me know that he isn't seeing Lesley anymore. She seemed nice even when I tried to poison her (see earlier posts). So Dan is on the prowl again - beware Chicago.

I have managed some scrapping lately, dipping in and out of Shimelle's Scrap like you mean it, stress free scrapping and some other DIY LO's:

Stress free scrapping
Stress free scrapping
Stress free scrapping -Old Friend - Susan
Stress free scrapping - New Friend - Kath
My attempt at the True Friend challenge - Harley in my sink, playing with the running tap
Based on the monthly sketch from Sarah's cards - 10 years

So, onwards and upwards. Time to get dressed and go do the shopping or the furbabies will have nothing for lunch.

Thanks for looking.

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