Thursday, 17 September 2009

House sitting

Crack of dawn this morning took the Olds to Manchester airport to catch a flight off on their hols. 3 weeks in China - lucky devils ....... which means I am the official house and cat sitter at Rough Hey.

Didn't get off to a great start last night. Sophie poppet brought a mouse in and Dad managed to get her to drop it in the back porch. So armed with fishing net (like the ones I used to catch tiddlers and crabs in as a child) I tried to catch little mousey and successfully too, until it jumped out of the net and ran into the kitchen and straight behind the boiler, which doesn't pull out. Moved the dishwasher next to it but couldn't see it so have put a piece of Cadbury's apricot crumble chocolate on the floor behind the dishwasher to keep mousey sustained until I can find the humane traps I lent the Olds and try to catch little critter.

So, no heating on in the house till mousey is caught and released back into the wild. God I hope it doesn't get any colder in the next 3 weeks!

Sophie 'As if I would' Poppet

MP is in charge of our house and boys and I'll be popping round at regular intervals for unannounced spot checks just to make sure all is in order! So If you read this MP - BE WARNED.

Last Saturday was a glorious day and made even more enjoyable by the Golborne crop run by Ally and Sonja. Weren't as many there as normal as it seemed the attendees were struck down at the 11th hour by a variety of bugs including mummy dearest but Kathb and I made it along with several others to have a great and productive day. This was the practice run for the 'Pink Boobies 4" in October, a full 24 hours of scrapping to raise money for breast cancer - bring it on.

Ladies who scrap - Golborne crop (Kathb nearest the camera)

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  1. I so enjoyed hearing your story about the mouse. Hey I'd show my face for chocolate! Sure hope you prevail and that it remains relatively warm until you do. Just thought I'd let you know that you won a journal on my blog. I'll just need your mailing address to get it off to you if you don't mind. Just use the email address on my blog. Congratulations and thank you for your lovely comment.


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