Sunday, 13 June 2010

When I grow up I want to be a Prom Queen

I have just had a lovely few days up in Scotland. My god daughter, Jenna, had her prom on Friday and being a good girl (well her mum made her) asked me if I wanted to be there to witness the event and of course I had to go.

So leaving the boys in MP's care (worrying to say the least) I packed my bag Thursday and set off up to Cumnock in Ayrshire. Jenna was excited to say the least and rather orange when I got there (fake tan) and my other hunnies were there too, the gorgeous Lauren and young Marc and after hugs (even one from Marc) we settled down to a evening of alcohol and catching up, interspersed with laughing at some of the other local schools prom photos appearing on facebook.

Lauren's boyfriend Kieren arrived for a visit and it was nice to finally meet him (they have been going out together for 4 years) as I have been a bad friend/aunt/god mother and not visited as often as I should of late.

Friday saw us up and out for a 9am appointment at the beauty parlour where Jenna had gel nails done, then bit of shopping and the hairdressers for the prom hair do. Home for a quick lunch, a siesta for me and time to start getting ready, and here's my girl all dressed up and ready to go.

Needless to say I've taken far too many photo's, so I wont bore you all of them, just a couple of my favourites ......

Never a sheep, Jenna didn't go for the limo option to get them to the prom. Oh no, there was only one thing that would do for Jenna, and after much harassing of the poor man, this is what she hired to take them to the prom .......

One very determined young lady is Jenna and it was really awesome.

Danny, Marc, Jenna, Susan and Lauren aka The Copes

I've already started a mini album of photos to send up to Susan and Jenna and with over 200 photos, plenty to scrap myself.

I was not impressed with the t-shirt Jenna was wearing though .......

for some reason the Copes thought it was funny!!

Come on England.

Till next time :o)

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