Thursday, 17 June 2010

If I was a foot shorter and lots of other things

I would so be lusting after Billy Joe Armstrong, not everyones cup of tea but I do have a history of fancying men wearing eyeliner (don't ask unless you really want the answer). So I'll just have to appreciate Greenday's talent.

The concert last night was fantstic. Bearing in mind its only 8 months since I last saw them, they managed to make it a brand new concert, not repeating themselves from the last show, whilst still playing all my favourites and a few I hadn't heard for a while.

The only downer from the evening was the idiots throwing beer from behind (and in front). I'd seem them do this at other concerts from my seat but haven't stood at a concert for a long time. One of the joys of earning a wage and being able to afford seats. So I was not impressed, having spent good money on a new hair do earlier that day, to have some plonkers behind me throwing beer into the crowd. Thankfully it stopped before I decked someone.

Word of warning - dont take an SLR with you to a concert, they wont let you take it in. They class it as a professional camera and they aren't allowed. The only way I got mine in was to hand over the battery to security for the duration of the concert and collect it at the end of the night. Good job MP had his and it passed security (his has a huge zoom which is handy), so the photos are pretty good.

Billy Joe Armstrong

Oh it's Billy Joe Armstrong

More Billy Joe Armstrong

So a good night was had by all.

As MP and I were off today after a late night an far too much excitement for people our age, Mp caught up with photos of my lay outs. So here's what I've been doing in the last few weeks or so .........

Me with Father Christmas (probably at the old Lewis's store in Manchester) many moons ago

Me and Murphy, New Years Eve 1995

One of the 2010 cyber crop classes - Murphy again

Lauren (left) and friends at a pre prom school film night - needs a title

A Trip Down Memory Lane sketch challenge - my boys

Well thats enough for tonight. If you want to see anymore pictures of the Greenday concert or any of the other members of the band then please feel free to email me :o)

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