Thursday, 10 June 2010

Good Week

It's been quite a good week or so since I posted, well apart from the terrible events in Cumbria. Work has been reasonable, now I have a team to manage it's been more interesting and I've had some work to do which has been nice.

One of the nice things is the area I work in. It's called Dean Clough and its a complex of converted mills. It used to be a carpet factory and it was saved from demolition and renovated a few years ago. It' stunning. Within the complex are all sorts of local businesses, a post office, an art gallery, restaurants and a theatre.

The theatre is the home for the famous Northern Broadsides, run by Barrie Rutter (who you will recognise from episodes of Porridge) and recently cast Lenny Henry as Othello, for which he won a theatre award.

So last week we had a team night out and went to see their latest production 'The Canterbury Tales'. What a great evening we had. At first I wasn't too sure, the first tale was a bit moralistic for me but the humour kicked in and soon we were giggling like school children at the rude bits (well it was medieval England). The tour is about to finish so I can't suggest you go see it but I would heartily recommend a visit for any future productions, I know I'll be there.

I have to post the following picture because it bugged me all night who this chap was. I knew I recognised him from something but couldn't place him. Any suggestions?

Seems he was in Doctors a few years back but I'm sure I've seen him in something else.

Been doing a bit of scrapping since last post but the weather has been so manky that the light hasn't been good enough to take photo's and after the blue ones of a previous post, I've decided not to use flash! So pictures later.

So inspired by the class I did at Art from the Heart last month, I have signed up for Dina Wakely's online art journalling class - art journalling 101. It looks really good and I am keen to get started.

Won't be this weekend though. I am about to go get myself ready to drive up to Scotland for a couple of days. My gorgeous God daughter Jenna is having her prom tomorrow night and I have been invited to go and see the prep and the finished article. So camera fully charged and off to take probably hundreds of photos, so plenty of prom LO's coming your way :o)

Well best get on and start my own prep and packing.

See you soon.

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