Sunday, 30 August 2009

Contract on Fireman Sam

It's been another busy week or so at chateau Thorns Greece, with more visitors shattering the silence. MP's friend Tash came to visit from Scotland with her 2 year old son Pele for a few days. They were on their way down to Surrey to visit family so stopped off to break up the journey. MP took a couple of days off work and took them out and about.Pele loves trains and his vocabulary is dominated by 'choo choo' so a trip to Worth Valley railway was definitely on the cards. Pele's first ride on a train and what a train.

The train on platform 1.....

Pele and Tash on the choo choo

The house went strangely silent after Tash and Pele left only to be destroyed again a few days later when they returned to break up the journey home and collect the toilet step and other bits forgotten in the rush to get away. This time Pele came armed with Fireman Sam videos and 2 happy hours were spent watching his merry antics! If I hear that tuneless song once more time ............. nearly as bad as bits of ninja turtles!

House all back to normal again now, cats can come in from hiding and peace reigns once more. Not going to admit it but when he wasn't shouting or being a pain he was quite a sweetie and part of me kinda misses him.

Enough of that.

So, we have a nice long (Bank Holiday) weekend to look forward to. The last one of the year. Don't want to be wishing the year away but it will soon be Christmas and then the snow will be back. At least my new boss will be more forgiving of my inability to get into work :o)

MP is off on his bike today with his pals from NorthWest Biking (some website for men with leather fetishes and too much time on their hands if you are interested) so I get a 'me' day (again) to do some scrapping, washing and general chilling. Hurrah.

I have managed to grab a little scrapping time over the last few weeks and done some of Shimelle's Scrap Like you mean it LO's. Also signed up for her 'Stress free scrapping" course and so far managed 1 out of 20 prompts! Not bad going for me.

SLYMI week 22 - scrap with the sketch
From our Thailand holiday

SLYMI Week 29 - Scrap with 3
LO of MP and his naff biking t-shirt

SLYMI Week 33- Scrap a square within a square
My pedometer from the challenge I've signed up for at work

SLYMI Week 27 - Scrap a happy story
My first sea fishing trip and my 'huge' catch

Stress free scraping - prompt 3 (I think) - music

My LO of Jenna from her 2009 tour

and finally ...............

My ipod and favourite tunes as of August 2009.

Take care everyone and more soon x

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