Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Update on August

Hi. August is disappearing at a great rate of knots, the curlews seem to have gone and the swifts seem to be dwindling in numbers, which means they are heading off soon for warmer climates and autumn/winter is on its way.

On a cheerier note ........

MP and I had more visitors last week/weekend. His little brother (not the littlest thats Tom) came for a visit all the way from Chicargi (Chicago USA) bringing his new lady friend Lesley with him.

Dan and Lesley

Having spent a week in Scotland they stopped off with us Friday night before heading back to London on Saturday morning. They arrived slightly later than planned thanks to Tom's satnav which took them to the middle of the Trough of Bowland! Having arrived we went to Frankie and Benny's for dinner, watched some Top Gear (seems they are fans but it's about 2 seasons behind in the US) then retired for the night.

Saturday I was up bright and early for trip to Art From The Heart with my UKS buddy Kathb. Nice run up, glorious weather and the top off the jeep, so sun burnt neck but worth it. Arrived at an industrial estate on the edge of Harrogate and parked up. AfTH was on the first floor of what could only be described as a modern mill, with dark staircases and corridors. Inside the shop however was a stark contrast to the outside, colourful, bright and full of incredible treasures. Sadly the new Tim Holtz stuff wasn't in but we still managed to spend our pocket money. I bought some paper mache heart to alter, paper, buttons and a wooden mini book to alter.

Lunch on the way back, well it would be rude not to as Kath likes to say, of a brie and bacon toast and chips at a nice pub on the Skipton road.

Sunday MP and I were going to go out for a walk, inspired by the short walk at Rivington Barn the previous Saturday but alas this was not to be. MP's clutch cable on this bike needed replacing and after getting a new one made (trip to Blackburn), spending hours replacing it (coz he didn't tie string to the old one before removing so the new one would slip straight back in) he found out it was too long (the man who made it did it the same length as the old one, not taking into account it had stretched). So Sunday consisted of a bit of scrapping, altering my album and a long siesta on the couch with the boys.

And before you know it, it's Monday again and time to go off to work ............

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