Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year

Well Christmas has been and gone and we are now on our way into 2009. I hope everyone had a good time and Santa bought you everything you wanted.
Christmas was a quiet affair in the Wan household. We managed a bit of a lie in, opened our pressies and then tripped off the the folks to open more pressies and for a spot of lunch. Pressies included a cricut expression machine, loads of scrapbooking stuff, a gorgeous cardigan off MP (chose by me I might add), the Alan Carr biography and of course booze.
Christmas dinner was a treat and for the first time in years I haven't had to cook it, so even more enjoyable. This was also the first year in 13 that Murphy wasn't there to join us, well not in the flesh, his ashes sat in their urn on the window ledge with a great view of the table and therefore the first time in 13 years he wasn't trying to pinch food or getting to lick the plates. Boy did we miss him.
New Year was also a quiet affair. After the disaster that was last year, with all its disasters I was so looking forward to seeing the back of 2008, so really wasn't in the mood to celebrate. Luckily fate stepped in and our central heating started playing up. Now our house isn't warm at the best of times but with a temp of -4 outside and no heating it was bl**dy freezing, so a good excuse to go to bed early and keep warm.
We didn't as planned go to Blackpool on New Years Day and scatter Murphs ashes. By mutual consent we all agreed that it was too soon and non of us felt ready to say a final goodbye to our boy, so, Murphy continues to reside at his Grandparents until further notice.
Thankfully, MP managed to get the heating working again on New Years Day and we are now (reasonably) warm again. Good job as we've had freezing fog and everything has been covered in a white coat.
I have managed to find some time to do a little scrapping and signed up for a couple of projects for 2009, more on next post.
So Happy New Year again to one and all. Hope the best of 2008 is the worst of 2009.

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