Saturday, 3 January 2009

# Holidays

Finally scrapping .......

It seems so long now since we went on holiday, that and the fact it wasn't really that restful. Well no, restful it was, we had no choice, MP and I picked something up on either the plane or in Bangkok (the river was really dirty and we got sprayed on the river taxi), either way we ended up with really bad chest infections and could hardly breathe, so no option but to stay in bed or chill by the pool. Made worse by the fact that every time I coughed (which was frequently) my bad back hurt like mad, so in pain most of the time. Then I got bitten on the foot by mosquitos and they swelled up like balloons, so couldn't wear anything but the hotel slippers for days.
When we did manage to get out and about we took loads of photos and did have some great experiences, like my first attempt at fishing (I caught 4, MP caught 0), monkeys and monks everywhere and some really good, cheap food.
I've finally started to scrap some of the photos and here are my LO's so far. There's many more to come!!

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