Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I can now reveal

As I mentioned previously I signed up for the Christy Tomlinson She Art class and have been having a whale of a time doing canvases. I couldn't post any pics earlier as one of my 'masterpieces' was a present for my pal KathB for her birthday. But as she has reached the grand old age of 44 I can now share my creation.

So here is my practice canvas

and here is the canvas I made for Kath

Now I just need to buy more canvases! I have been scouring charity shops looking for pre loved ones to alter but not having much luck so a little trip to the range is in order. My next project is to do a canvas or two for the bedroom MP and I are currently decorating. I've bought the most fabulous PIP bedding so the room is being decorated around that. So watch this space for more she art specials. 

If you haven't thought about doing a Christy Tomlinson class I can heartily recommend it. She breaks everything down into nice bite size pieces and they are so much fun to do and each one is different. Before you commit, why not check out her videos on utube. Search for Scarletlime or Christy Tomlinson, you won't be disappointed.


  1. Lovely canvas, I know cos it's on my wall. Thank you Sooo much.

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