Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Sugar Rush

After giving up chocolate and sweets for Lent (which, as I got the dates mixed up, meant 44 days) MP very wisely bought me an Easter Egg which was very soon demolished along with the splats Top Totty bought me. Now I am suffering from a bit of a sugar rush, lovely ......

My mate KathB, worried about my waistline and a hyperglycaemic attack, got me some easter down loads from the Octopode factory. Which is this weeks challenge.

Just had a few days off work which with the Bank Holidays stretched into nearly a week. Good job too with the snow I woke up to last Thursday, MP was working so it was some quality time for me and Sam. We had some nice walks and Sam even had a swim or two. Took the opportunity to play with the Hipsamatic app on my phone and pretty pleased with the results.

You get a standard pack of film and flash and can buy add ons to give some great effects. It's also easy to print them as they have a service or you can send to your computer and print yourself. Love it ......

In between the walks and the siestas, I did manage a little bit of scrapping:

Scrap lifted from one of Shimelle's challenges.


this was my entry for Creative Craft World challenge but I was too slow in taking the photo and entering it. These are my gorgeous Dr Martens 1941 boots that I spend a lot of time admiring but non wearing.

I also managed to do my page in an altered art CJ I am taking part in over on UKS. So spoiler alert, here is my interpretation of Time ......

Well, think that's all I can manage tonight. The cadbury's is starting to wear off and I am ready for bed. Nothing like getting into a bed with the electric blanket on full. Till next time x

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  1. All that chocolate is sooooo bad for you ! God wish I could have some. Lovely walks too.


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