Monday, 17 October 2011

Challenge and RIP Ginger Princess

I have only just realised that the Octopode Factory do a weekly challenge having just found their The Octopode Factory Friday Challenge Blog (TOFF), well it shouldn't suprise you seeing as I've been so bad at keeping my own up to date!

Anyway, moving on, Friday's challenge was to create something using the colours black and orange (well it is October and therefore nearly Halloween), so diving in, here is my entry for this week. I used the angel stamp and altered it a little as you can see, the background is paint dabber and Dylusions orange spray with some Tim Holtz stamps thrown in for good measure.

Now I have bought a few of the Octopode downloads but to be honest I have been a little scared of them, preferring to buy 'proper' rubber stamps. The reason behind this is that I don't have a laser printer but a canon photo printer because being originally a scrapbooker, I printed my own photos a lot but having had an interesting and enlightening chat with Leannie at our Whittle Le Woods crop on Sunday I have been converted. So this morning I ordered a few of the digi stamps and I have a feeling they are going to be well used over the coming months. Watch this space......... Oh and bring on the next challenge.

On a sad note. Just seen a post from my mum on facebook, their cat Ginger has been put to sleep this afternoon. She was an old girl and at the end terribly bald and scabby and Dad said she'd started having problems with a swollen shoulder blade. I went to give her a stroke when I dropped Sam off with Dad on Sunday and she didn't even recognise me (if you aren't a cat lover you won't get this) so I think a bit of old age as well.

But as sad as it is, she had a good no great life so RIP Ginger Princess.

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  1. oh that is such sad news about your parents cat.

    the angel you used looks great devilled up!


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