Sunday, 3 October 2010

Wanted Ark

What miserable weather, good job we live on the top of a hill as all the fields are flooded so heaven knows what it's like down in the valley. Funnily we have just heard an air raid type siren going off down below and we think it may be something to do with the flood defence work they have been doing. MP will probably go and have a look in a while .......... it's a man thing!

The last 2 weeks I have been house sitting for my folks who went off on their jollies to Portugal so I filled my car with all my crafting stuff and a bag of clothes and headed off to their place for some quality crafting time. Spare bedroom set up, stuff unpacked and ready to go I have a wonderful first week playing with my art journals but then picked up the lergy from someone at work and spent the second week bed bound and hardly able to breathe, so not much journalling done there.

Back home now (it is lovely to be in your own bed with your own cats hogging the duvet) and feeling slightly better so taking the opportunity to catch up on my remiss blogging.

As promised previously, the pages from the 1st art journalling class at Dyans;

and some of the ones I did at home afterwards, so fired up by the class was I

The second part of the class in September Dyan did 'Anatomy of a page' with us. This was great and by breaking it down into stages got the group to do a Dyan style page. Here was mine

Then we decorated the covers for our newspaper journals. The front cover we used Dyan's downloads and the back cover we used a colour theme and bits cut out of magazines. Still need some finishing but you get the idea.

front cover

back cover

I have also been working on a smaller journal to take with me on my holidays in a few weeks time. I picked up a neat sized Philosophy book from the works, gluing every couple of pages together for stability and getting them prepped, so all I need to take with me are a selection of pens. Here are some of the pages so far

I seem to have a lot of pages in progress at the moment and not many completed but hoping that will change soon. There are more pics yet but I think that's enough for today, so till next time x

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  1. Hi Julie! I didn't realise you had a blog, and have come across your comment on another blog and followed you here! Your art journalling work is very inspiring ... Are you doing this instead of scrapping now?


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