Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Well it didn't last long!

4 days of sun ...... is that it? Has summer been and gone?

What a glorious few days it was though.

Saturday MP and I set off early and went to see 'The Dream' over at St Helens. A massive marble head on the top of an old disused colliery, now a nature type park. Worth the short walk from the carpark even in that heat and great photo opportunities.

MP showing how big it is (he pretends to be about 6ft)

Friday saw the last ever episode of Ashes to Ashes, I will so miss Gene Hunt! It did bring it all together and tie it up and whilst I understood the ending I not sure if I liked it or not. Still I was glad to find out that Gene wasn't the baddy, creepy guy was making out and no offence, but it was a relief that Bolly was dead (didn't really like her character very much).

Couldn't let it go without a photo of Gene Hunt and I live in hope that I'll get a guardian angel like him, well him actually :o)

Well time for bed now. Having to do a full week of work this week but spurred on by the fact that Sunday is Sarah's cards crop and Monday is a Bank Holiday :o)

Till next time ..........

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