Monday, 10 May 2010


It hasn't been a good week since my last post!

The roast dinner was lovely as was the company and back at work on the Tuesday. Hadn't been there long when I started to feel a bit like I'd been kicked in the stomach and then I couldn't seem to get warm. I sat there looking like a numpty in my red duffle coat, shivering until about 2pm when the lurgy hit. I wont go into details but it wasnt pleasant. My colleague Vicky kindly ran me home and I climbed straight into bed, where I stayed for the next 3 days.

I have never felt so ill in my life and I had company. MP was also taken ill on Tuesday too. So the pair of us suffered together - well the man did say in sickness and in health!!

Bad news was that Dad also became unwell on the Wednesday and had to take to his bed for a few days.

Dad is blaming it on the pork but MP and I think it was a viral gastro thing (we googled it).

It's taken nearly a week to feel better and I think it will take some time to get over it fully and back to our normal unhealthy diet :o) but we are getting there.

So there has been no scrapping or anything since the last post, apologies. Normal service should resume shortly.

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