Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Ok, who's eaten the Easter Bunny, Oscar?

Can't believe its April already. Easter has been and gone and not a single Easter egg in our house this year. I think it's because Oscar single handedly murdered most of the rabbit population up here last year including the Easter bunny!

Inspired by Sarah's cards retreat I have been back scrapbooking and doing some of the photos I've had sat around for a while.

My gorgeous girls Jenna and Lauren, all dressed up for Lauren's first holy communion (Lauren is 19 now)

Jenna and me at my wedding 1999

MP and I 1998

Travis watching the snow from the warmth of the conservatory

On the subject of SNOW. Where did that come from last week? After several weeks snow free and the weather warming up slightly, the curlews arriving back on the moor for the summer, the first lambs, I awoke Thursday to several centimetres of snow outside! I was really not happy as you can imagine, made worse by the fact that MP went off to work early in his car, with his winter tyres on and I was taking my own car to work as I had to go to an all day meeting in Bradford.

So I stayed put till the very last minute and when it looked as if it had melted some I set off down the hill and straight to my meeting. Luckily the hill wasn't too bad and by the time I got home it had mostly melted. So with the snow and a potential speeding ticket acquired on the way home (just waiting to see if I braked in time) not a great day.

I've not been so good with my altered art diary lately and am a little behind. For some reason I missed some days in February (have a sneaking suspicion I am getting altzheimers) and a few in March and I know it isn't alcohol related. April is started and I will try to crack on this week and catch up.

February's pages

March's unfinished pages

I helped my neighbour at the weekend bottle feed some of the lambs. Well I say helped :o) it was so cool but apparently thats because I don't have to do it 3 times a day, although I have offered to keep one at my place to help out. Wonder what the cats would make of that? My reward for helping with the lambs was one of Sarah's wonderful home made rhubarb pies, which as usual didn't even make it to dinner time. Wonderful pastry.

I have also just completed another 2 months in the altered tag swap on UKS. I have no idea what I've done with the February tags but here are the March (Celtic) ones I received.

And here's a sample of the one I made (unfinished) as I cocked up and made 9 instead of 6, getting confused with a bookmark swap I took part in .........

I went to see Alice In Wonderland with my buddy Kathb and her gorgeous daughter Ellie. What a great film, if you haven't seen it yet then what are you waiting for? Johnny Depp is brilliant as the Mad Hatter and Helen Bonham Carter is perfect as the Red Queen, shame about Anne Hathaway's dodgy eyebrows.

I also succumbed to purchasing New Moon on DVD. The film is great and I enjoyed it more than Twilight but the abbs!!!!! Six pack heaven :o)

gratuitous totty shot

And finally .......... how cute was I?

Mum recently met up with some relatives of hers she hasn't seen in years and one of them gave her this photo of me from when I was a new baby that mum had sent to her. Gorgeous or what? Wonder what went wrong!! Looking forward to scrapping this one.

Till next time :o)

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  1. Some great work there .... signed mad scrapper with four cats and three dogs and even more mess!


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