Sunday, 21 March 2010


I can't believe I haven't blogged for so long. I knew it had been a while and I've been meaning to do it but over a month!!! So trying to get back on track, here is whats been going on in Feb and March so far.....

Feb remained pretty naff from a weather perspective, not able to get to any crops and 'working' from home alot :o) also a lot of home based crafting so as not to miss out too much.

I've been having a bash at some 'art journalling' inspired by the art calendar challenge and utube. I'm finding the hardest bit for me is the backgrounds so I've been playing with colours and textures. So far I've managed ...

and with the start of some embellishing ....

and a couple I've managed to finish (in another journal)

One of my favourite sayings from Greys Anatomy

I've also been continuing with the Nancy Lefko class and after an initial poor choice of colours (well guess its trial and error at the beginning) my collages are starting to look a little better.

looking a little bit bland

getting there

much happier with this one

I also got my January tags back from the UKS swap I am in and joined a UKS bookmark swap (what a glutton for punishment). These are the January tags I received and lovely they are too

March saw me celebrate a birthday and I was lucky enough to spend it with 80 odd other crafters and scrapbookers at a retreat planned and hosted by Sarah and Lianne from Sarah's Cards. What a fantastic weekend and I have already booked for the 2011 one :o)

A full weekend of classes, meeting new people, putting faces to familiar UKS names and of course shopping.

a quiet moment in the room

the shop in all its glory

I shared a room with my UKS buddy Kathb, who didn't actually snore as bad as expected and is brave enough (I think) to be my room mate on next years weekend. So busy was the weekend the birthday bottle of Champers didn't get touched but as the retreat next year is my birthday weekend again, I shall save it for then.

Kathb hiding from yet another photo

So having come back from the retreat, another year older, stuffed from too much food (I should not be let near buffets) it was back to work. On a positive note - March has been snow free :o)

Well, thats all thats happened so far, told you my life was dull ..............

Off to Whittle Le Woods (or Dunny in the Wold, as I like to call it) crop today, so best go pack up the car and get ready.

Will not leave it so long to blog next time and I need to post up my completed February calendar pages - yes Katherine, so far I am managing to stick with it :o)

Take care till next time

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