Wednesday, 14 October 2009

quick catch up

Getting towards the middle of October and time for an overdue catch up .......

The olds are back from China, initially minus luggage but thats now turned up and true mum style washed, ironed and put away in about 12 hours!

This also means I am back in my own bed :o) and back with my furbabies :o)

Pink Boobies 4 was a great day. Didn't get to stay over but had a great time. Don't know yet how much we raised but fingers crossed it's beat last years total.

Been off on holiday this week and so far spent most of it giving the house a well deserved clean/ Trying to talk MP into getting in a little woman (or young man) to do a spot of cleaning each week but so far falling on deaf ears.

Off to Wales tomorrow for a couple of days. MP hasn't been to Wales yet, well except for a ride-out with some of his biker buddies to the Ponderosa (not as interesting as it sounds, a biker cafe somewhere in the middle of no where ) so it should be fun. We are spending a night in a gorgeous hotel near Barmouth overlooking the sea and the second night we are spending at Portmerion in one of the hotels in the village. Can't wait, clothes all sorted just a shower and iron my hair in the morning then hitting the road, back Saturday and off to the Whittle crop on Sunday.

So a busy but fun few days ahead. See you all soon

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