Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Out of the frying pan

Well, I started my new job on the 6th April and just going into week 2 I know this is not the job for me. It seems 'Patient safety and quality' practitioner involves very little actual patient safety and uses the term in the broadest sense....

It seems my job involves dishing out money to GP's for doing something I think they should be doing anyway, and paying them to attend training they should already be attending. 

Now I may be way off the mark here, but they are still doctors are they not, and isnt part of that ensuring you and your patients are safe? Well it appears not, unless you pay them for it!!! So I am well and truly p***ed and looking for another job.

On a brighter note. The weather has been glorious over the Bank Holiday weekend and I have been a free woman. MP has been off on his bike and I have had peace and quiet so I have managed to get some scrapping done. Now very behind with Shimelle's challenge but I am going to Whittle in the Woods crop (no, not a fictitious place from Blackadder, this really does exist) this weekend, so fingers crossed I'll manage to catch up.

I have just finished reading part 3 of the Twilight trilogy by Stephenie Meyer and excellent it was too. Can't wait for part 4 to come out in paperback. I have now started reading Skullduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy and although I have just started it, I am enjoying it thoroughly. In fact it will be keeping me company tonight. A good book and a warm bed - heaven.

Here are a few of the LO's I've done recently and I really must get on and start the 'art farty jigsaw' challenge. I'll explain next time, till then, take care.

Kisses the Mummy - Murph and I, Abney Hall 1995

Old? No! - I wear Etnies. Me trying to be young at heart.

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