Thursday, 9 October 2008

Bad day to say the least

Hi again.
It's been sometime since I posted, not because I didn't want to but the post I was going to put up needed photos to go with it (this may take a while so if you want to stop now, go get a drink or go to the little boys/girls room then feel free).
The problem with the photos is that at home we (DH - darling husband and I) have an IMac, chosen by DH when our computer passed away recently. IMac uses Iphoto and non of the blogs seem to like Iphoto and you need to use Picassa or such. But Picassa isn't compatable with IMac (see where I am going here) so it's been a nightmare and one even DH couldn't fix.
So no photos no blog.
What has been happening since my last post and the reason to upload photos (which I will using photobucket - if IMac allows) was the purchase in Augus by DH of a beautiful Tiger 900 (motorbike for the uninitiated like me). So DH dutifully posed whilst I took lots of photos and off he went on several rideouts (boys days out on bikes!!) whilst I went to crops.
End of August saw us go off to Thailand for a 3 week holiday (that will be another retrospective entry) and on our return DH went off for a rideout only to loose control of the Tiger on a patch of diesel someone kindly deposited on a bend and Tiger slid across the road leaving DH behind.
Tiger is still in the garage being fixed and we hope to have it home this weekend (photos will be uploaded).

So to get back to why it's been a bad day. This morning on my way to work my beautiful Maine Coon Muggle (being chased by parents neighbours dogs) ran under the wheel of my car. Poor Muggle is now in the vets, being stablised with fluids and antibiotics and tomorrow will under go x-rays and a probable amputation of his front leg.
I am distraught, I love all my boys and to injure one of them (even by accident) is my worst nightmare. So please if you are reading this say a big prayer for Muggle and his impending surgery.
Everyone keeps telling me cats do fine with just 3 legs and I am sure they do, but he's my baby. Of all my cats he is the most gentle and easy going and whilst I know he will take it in his stride, it will break my heart everytime I look at him.
Tearfully Julie

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Crafty Feeling said...

aww julie I hope muggle is ok sending hugs and prayers for him..