Sunday, 1 October 2017

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Staying cool

I don't normally do reviews or promotions, this blog has been for like and crafting however like a lot of women, I have hit a "certain age" where a flushes and sweats appear out of nowhere,  hair grows in places it didn't before and goes from places it should be and full nights sleep is a thing of the past.  I can cope with the warm spells and the hair (isn't that what beauty parlours were invented for?) but the sleep or lack of, not a good thing for me or those around me.

I started first with a fan in the bedroom which helped a little, moved to a 2.5 Tog duvet (all year round) then decided to invest in a cool pillow. This was great however I recently had to replace it and despite my reservations, about the efficiency of gel,  upgraded to the Silentnight Geltex pillow. What an absolute treat, no more wet face or hair and incredibly comfortable to boot. A worthy investment.

However, the rest of me was still getting too hot and the foot in, foot out of the duvet method of temperature control not working. So I started to research new mattresses (very expensive) and this led me to mattress toppers (a lot more reasonable).

After more research, both on the products and the prices, I decided on the Silentnight AirMax mattress topper (best value at Matalan UK) and a week in I am sold. The topper is machine washable, soft, a lovely material on the top with mesh venting up the sides, top and bottom and really does keep you cooler. Don't get me wrong, it is still hot where I am lying (gas mark 5) but I am not sweating the other parts of the bed are oh so cool. 

At this price I can afford to change it as and when and is much better value than a whole new mattress. 

So if you find yourself like me, pumping out some serious heat, then seriously give it a try.

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