Sunday, 23 March 2014

Spring has sprung

Yesterday was an odd day, we had all 4 seasons in one day including heavy snow at one point so a perfect day for staying in with a roaring fire lit, catching up on some tv recorded through the week and doing some scrapping.

I have finished my February project life (will post pics later) and now I can do some layouts. I have started subscribing to the Scrapastic monthly kit starting with the March kit and it is rathe lovely. You get a choice of 2 kits each month plus loads of add ons. I went for the It's my life kit which is full of gorgeous reds, mint and blues and stuffed full of embellishments.

This kit will be perfect for scrapping some of my recent photos of Sam at the spa.

It's not really a dog spa. Sam has a problem with his hip, possibly hip dysplasia so we are taking him to a canine hydrotherapist to see if we can sort it out before it causes long term conditions such as arthritis. We are taking him to the wonderful Canine Health & Hydro run by Steve and Poppy. Steve is fantastic and a real dog whisperer. Sam is nervous with people but in 2 sessions his confidence is growing and Steve is his best swim pal.

Sam's taster and assessment session. He had to wear a doggy life jacket till Steve assessed his swimming capabilities (lasted about 10 minutes then he was just in a harness)

With MP and I sat on the side of the pool Sam looked at us for reassurance but was in no rush to get out of the pool.

With the red of the harness and the blue water, the Scraptastic kit will match perfectly so looking forward to breaking into it tomorrow.

I also had a birthday recently and was a very lucky lady indeed. MP and my Dad bought me some new straightening irons, MP bought me a Fuji film instax camera (perfect for project life) and Dad bought me a fabulous CD 'Teenage Kicks, full of sounds of my youth, perfect driving music. So all in all, March has been good so far.

Till next time, thanks for looking.

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