Sunday, 24 November 2013

Busy again

Sorry I haven't been on to update my blog, it's been a busy November so far. MP's Dad, Henri has been unwell and sadly died on 4th November, so MP and I made the trip down to London for the funeral on the 7th. 

Funny, we used to do the trip regularly when we lived down there but not having done it for a while it seemed such a long way away. We stayed in a lovely hotel at Hampton Wick, The White Heart which was just across the bridge from Kingston and 10 minutes from Teddington and whilst the boys went to do funeral prep I went into Kingston and did a bit of shopping.

When I moved down to Surrey after MP and I got married I was really homesick and didn't know many people or places. Kingston and Guildford became places I would often take myself off to just to pass some time, so it was lovely to go back albeit in not so pleasant circumstances.

The funeral went well. It was lovely to see so many people, family and friends, turn out to give Henri a send off and MP did everyone proud when he stood up to give an impromptu eulogy. 

So with this and MP having to go up and down to London most weekends leaving me with Sam, I haven't got much scrapping done. I have however made a serious dent in my Christmas pressie shopping :o)

My short trip down south did remind me of some things though:

The traffic is a nightmare down there - you think we have jams here but its constant nose to tail traffic there and cyclists take their life in their hands every journey

It's several degrees warmer - outside the pub in November, coat optional

I still love the parakeets - made my day to see (and hear) them flying around

The North is my home.

Back soon with an update.

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