Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Never too old for magic

Just come back from a great couple of days down south with Team B. We drove down Monday, worried about the horrendous weather hitting the UK, to have a great journey with blue skies all the way. We spent the night in Hemel Hempstead, did a bit of shopping and stuffed our faces at an all you can eat Chinese buffet and had an early night ready for the point of our journey. 

Next day we were up early, breakfasted, packed and on the road to ........

We all had a great time, all the costumes, props and sets we are all so familiar with from the Harry Potter films were there along with butter beer and chocolate frogs. We wandered around for about 2 1/2 hours and could have spent longer. The shop at the end of the tour sold everything Harry Potter and Hogwarts you could imagine, except the one thing I wanted .......... a Muggle baseball cap or key ring (my big black Maine Coon was called Muggle).

175 photographs later, here are a few of my favourites:

The Great Hall

The potions classroom and Professor Snape

Dumbledores office 

The sleeping pictures in Dumbledores office

The Dursley's house where Harry lived under the stairs

The Weasley's joke shop on Diagon Alley 

Then it was time for the drive home. A good time was had by all 


Happy to take any comments and constructive feedback, Thank you for taking the time. Julie