Monday, 15 July 2013

Lovely weekend

Just had a lovely long weekend. Had a flexi day on Friday and as it was my Dads birthday we went off to Marks and Spencer's at Warrington to do a bit of well needed shopping. Well I say well needed, for Dad certainly not for me :o) Although I did find a few things I really needed.

After shopping we just had to go and have a birthday lunch. They have built a Frankie and Benny's near by and Dad likes the food there so we had to indulge and then the drive back to his house with the air conditioning on full blast to save us from the summer heat.

Friday evening saw MP and I spending 3 hours putting together the new BBQ. Ours disintegrated when we moved it to clean the front of the house, so in the hope we will get a summer and a chance to use it this year, we forked out on a new one.

Saturday morning was another scorcher.  A nice walk with Sam at Hardcastle Craggs, a spot of shopping for supplies in Tod and back home to do some much needed cleaning in anticipation of my friends The Copes coming to visit.

A nice afternoon sat out in the sun catching up and Dad arrived just in time for the food.

The Copes chilling

Dad supervising MP

I had a go at making Sangria, which seemed to go down well and even found time to rustle up a quick birthday cheesecake for my Dad.


The Copes left early Sunday to miss the heat and MP, Sam and I had a lazy day, with a long siesta. 

So the weekend went all too quickly but it was really nice to see Susan, Danny and Marc and to actually do something for a change.

Back soon with another update.

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