Saturday, 1 December 2012

To decorate or not to decorate?

Well the countdown has begun and the BIG question in our house, do we decorate the tree or not? We don't have many Ch*****as decorations for around the house so the tree kind of looks a bit out of place on it's own all sparkly in an otherwise less sparkly room. With it just being MP and I we sometimes don't bother (unless KathB has threatened to descend on us and put it up), so the jury is still out on whether we bother putting the tree up or not.

I'm nearly there with the presents, just a few more to sort out and then the wrapping. I am determined not to be last minute again this year, it's just way too stressful.

Food is ordered and being collected or delivered on Ch*****as Eve, having managed to secure the day off work, and then I intend to get the dessert and veggies sorted so not a lot to do on the day itself.

I don't know what I am getting off Father Ch*****as this year, I have decided to join in with project life for 2013 (an album of your life week by week) so I may ask for a new album and some page protectors to prepare but what I really want is an antique typewriter (don't ask me why).

I've had a few days off work this week. MP was supposed to have the first of his cataracts done but they cancelled him on the day so it's been re-arranged for next week. So I kept the days off to keep Sam company and do some jobs, including getting winter tyres on the new car just in case!

We had some nice walks, cold but at least dry and with the frost this week the ground has got a bit firmer so it's been less muddy which has been a treat. The dry crisp weather is excellent for taking photos and these from my phone have come out really well.

Rainbow over the moors


 Same using Hipstamatic

The water tower at Watergrove

Finally a couple of the layouts I promised previously. One for MP's album and one for mine.

 Fabulous spectacles embellishment from Sarah Hurley

So off to watch elementary now, so till next time.

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  1. Decorate cos yes I will invite myself round !!!!!!!


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