Sunday, 4 November 2012


Some weeks ago I took part in an altered art CJ over on UKS hosted by Biskit (Vicki), having got mine back I am delighted and have been meaning to post photos for a while and now I finally am. I chose Love as my topic and rather than have them in a book (which I never know what to do with) I choose to have mine on loose sheets of watercolour paper so I could frame them to decorate the wall of the bedroom MP and I are currently decorating. So here is what I got back, and great they are too.

Mrs McF 





Shirley June




As I mentioned MP and I are decorating the final bedroom. We haven't touched this since we moved into the house 6 years ago. Partly because we were hoping to adopt a baby from China and we thought this would be her room but 6 years later and still no sign of the adoption happening so we decided to decorate the room anyway and make it into a guest room. 

When I went to B&Q last week to get the paint they had these canvas's on sale at £5 each so it would have been daft not to buy a couple. They are going to be perfect altered to go in the new room, so watch this space and see what happens to them.


MP has gone off for a few days down south leaving me in charge of the boys. So hoping to get some scrapping done in between walks, so off to make a start. Till next time

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