Sunday, 22 July 2012

What a washout

Well, it's been a horrible couple of months, lots of very wet walks with Sam and some severe flooding up here. We have been lucky, living on the top of a hill has its bonuses, the worst that has happened to us is the road to our house has been badly damaged, nothing a 4x4 won't cure. The houses in the bottom of the valley haven't been so lucky though and we even made the national news oh and had a visit from Prince Charles.

I did stick my head out of the window and take a couple of photos but that was as far as I got.

So what have I been up to? 

I went to see the fabulous Blink 182 at Manchester Evening News Arena a few weeks back and had a great time. I have been a fan for years and they were on my bucket list of bands to see live but I didn't think I was going to as they split up for a few years. Once I heard they were getting back together and doing a tour, I was straight on the hotline for tickets. This concert was originally for July 2011 but they had to cancel so re arranged for this year and it was so worth the wait.

I didn't manage to get any good photos so you'll have to make do with this one.

The Jubilee went by in a flash, I did watch the flotilla event on TV whilst ironing and was very grateful for the extra days holiday but apart from that didn't really get too excited about it. Oh I did watch the concert as well, the highlight being Ed Sheeran, just love this lads voice. Not quite sure why Stevie Wonder was the closing act though ....... when did he become British?

Went with my Dad to see the Olympic Torch pass through Oswaldtwistle. Was really surprised to see how many people turned out to watch and very nearly missed it when I decided to take Sam back to the car. Luckily it was the precession warming up the crowd. The funniest thing of all was the Metropolitan Police escort really getting into the spirit with the motorbike cops high fiving the crowds as they drove past. The girl carrying the torch shot past us at such a speed I only just managed to get a photo. Well it had to be done. I'm not going to see this again in my lifetime.

Don't know who the girl is but good on her.

MP, Sam and I have also managed a couple of trips to the beach. We like to go to the top end of Blackpool, near the airport, and walk up to St Annes. Sam loves the beach and MP the ice cream from the pier before the walk back.

Sam having a rest and looking longingly at MP's ice cream.

On our recent trip to St Annes, we stopped off at Lytham to see 'the bubbles'. I'd read about them on the local news and decided to go and have a look. I have to say I wasn't hugely impressed, what do you think?

So that's about all i've been up to. Have done some scrapping but haven't uploaded the photos, so i'll pop back later this week when MP is working and put them on.

Just in case he reads this and I don't know if he does read my blog. I want to wish MP a very Happy Anniversary for Tuesday xx On this fateful date, 13 years ago MP lost his bachelor status and inherited a family (me and Murphy). So Happy Anniversary babes, we made another year xxx

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