Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Busy Busy Busy

I have been a little lax yet again but this time I have good reason. I've actually been really busy. I've actually had to do some work at work, its the end of the year so on top of the monthly reports for different committees there's the pulling together of annual reports and time to match the GP's with appraisers for the forthcoming year and send out all the letters, no mean fete I may add.

Weekends have been busy too. Saturday before last, MP and I went to see Loves Labours Lost by the excellent Northern Broadsides at the Viaduct Theatre in Halifax.

The theatre is in the cellar of one of the mill buildings which forms part of the complex I am lucky enough to work in. Its a very unusual theatre, not just due to the location. In amongst the underground arches is a tiny wooden stage and the seating either side of it, so no matter where you sit, you are right on the action.

Then on the Sunday, my Dad and I went to the Lowry theatre Salford to see the fabulous Nanci Griffith. We are long standing fans of Nanci and have seen her over half a dozen times over the years and she was great, her voice is still as good as ever and the audience sang along to some of her classic songs.

This weekend MP has been Mr DIY. He very kindly put up my bookcase my Dad bought me for my birthday and the shelves he bought me. To do this I had to clear out my crafting corner and the problem now is ............... I can't get all my stuff back in! Incredible how much stuff one acquires :o) So until its sorted I can't do any crafting.

Here is my lovely little crafting corner with it's new additions

Tall bookcase from Dad

Shelves from MP

Lets see how long it stays this tidy.

Well back to sorting and wrapping ribbons round card, till next time.

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