Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Long time again

Having some time off work and in between dog walking, thought I would do a catch up on my blog. Things have been quiet on the crafting front lately with no crops to go to. Kathb and I were running a crop in Whittle Le Woods whilst the lady who started it had a baby, but she never came back and it being a small, select group, it was just getting too expensive to continue, so we sadly had to call it a day. Now we are crop less and will miss our monthly get togethers with the lovely ladies we met there. So my little crafting corner at home has been seeing some action.

Here are some of the LO's I have been doing. I lost my mojo for a while but it is back with a vengeance.

The grave of Oscar Wilde at Pere La Chase cemetery, Paris

My gorgeous Muggle, had to do some of him. Miss him so much

Another of my gorgeous boy, used the unscripted sketches challenge 142 for this.

My boy Harley.

His brother Travis.

Travis and Oscar. Finally finished one of the classes from Sarah's cards retreat 2011.

Still doing the wedding photos - only been 12 years!

Recent on of MP, sorry about the camera flash.

And finally ..........

I also started doing the art journal diary ala Kate Crane again this year. I have started to participate for the last 3 years only ever getting as far as June. So this year I started in good spirit and failed at the first hurdle, not finishing January and February is done but empty. Still not giving up yet, going to do March this week and who knows I may even fill it in.

Haven't really done much over the last few months, with MP working shifts and the weather, I don't like to plan or book anything as we can get snowed in at the drop of a hat and bang go our plans. However, spring is coming (I heard a curlew this morning on the moors) so soon I will be able to get out and about a bit more, in fact, I am already planning a list of things to do and see for this year.

Right, coffee time. Will be back soon with more postings and maybe even some of my journalling.

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