Thursday, 10 November 2011

It's official

It's been a reasonable week since my last entry, well apart from not winning the lottery and still having to go to work but saying that, made much better by not really having been there that much, which I shall tell you all about .......

Booked an annual leave day to go up to AFTH last Tuesday to do a portrait class. Sadly it was cancelled so I moved my leave to the Friday and took myself off to Marks and Spencers at Handforth Dean to do a bit of Christmas shopping and get some winter jumpers for work. Seriously damaged the credit card and with tasty goodies in hand trundled off to my Dad's for lunch and to collect Sam. Stopped at Townley Park in Burnley to give Sam a good walk before heading home, arriving back at 3.45pm to find MP still in bed after his night shift. So being a kind and considerate wife I let Sam jump on him and strangely that made him get up!

Saturday was a girlie day, my pal Kath and I went to a crop over in Rochdale run by Hysterical (Cal) from UKS. I am doing a Christmas banner swap so spent the day making these, not very successfully, finished one and half did two others. Only 11 more to go. Think I had better get my finger out. Had to leave early as MP had to work Saturday night to cover someone else's shift. His employers are not very good or nice and the fact that it was in the middle of his 4 days off and ruined any weekend plans we might have had does not concern them in the slightest. So I dashed back, bundled Sam into MP's car (the dog mobile) and set off to the local park.

Now MP has been fancying a new car for a while (it does have a permanent doggy smell and the inside looks like a skip) and keeps hoping someone will write it off. The standing joke is that if he gives it me for a week someone is bound to crash into me. I have had several accidents over the years and lost several cars with people crashing into me. (Can you guess what's coming yet?)

So Sam and I are heading to the park. Sat in traffic and not really going anywhere as the centre of Tod was really busy. Seems there was a big bonfire in Hebden Bridge and as there's only one road there and it passes through Tod it was chocca. So, sat there minding my own business when there was a bang. The woman behind me had, for some unfathomable reason, decided to set off and crashed into the back of MP's car. We pulled into a side street, poor Sam in a state of shock and me unable to get the boot open to check on him. Forced the door and got Sam out, shaking like a leaf, sorted out the paperwork with the woman who hit us, who was nearly as shocked as Sam and having done all that decided to head back home.

As I couldn't close the boot and no way on this earth was Sam getting back in there. He sat on the front seat with his head on me all the way back home. Poor baby.

Nearly a week later, MP's car is still sat under the car port waiting collection, he at least has a hire car, Sam still won't go in the boot of a car and I have a sore neck.

So, it's official ............... I am an accident magnet.

Funny though how many solicitors ring you up when you've had an accident. I can tell by their voices they think I am strange because I don't want to put in a claim for whiplash and non of them will pursue a claim on Sam's behalf for physiological trauma. I may change my mind yet, I could do with a couple of new windows :o) So in the meantime, I soldier on.

The TOFF challenge this week was Friends and better late than never, here is my entry. Can't wait to see what tomorrows challenge is.

I am off again tomorrow. MP is working tonight so I will have to be quiet tomorrow, no noisy housework so forced to spend the day crafting, daren't go shopping again after last week. Tomorrow night we are off to the Lowry Theatre in Salford Quays to see Journey's End, can't wait.

So till next time ......


  1. this is a wonderful entry. thanks for playing Julia.

    hope you get your new car soon.

  2. lovely lovely lovely, so inspiring!
    Found your blog by accident, and i am so glad i did!
    Lisa xxx


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