Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Bad blogger - part 2

So into February and still no snow :o) Did have the odd day and some days a light dusting but nothing really of note.

The dog hunting started in earnest end of January and into February. MP and I took ourselves over to Bleakholt animal rescue in Edenfield near Rawtenstall early one Sunday morning, saw some lovely dogs but non were the age we were looking for or cat friendly, so we decided to go to Manchester Dogs home.

I got my Murphy from the dogs home many years ago and it wasnt the nicest of places back then, but it is a busy place and receives no state funding so has to rely on charity donations. Therefore it was little suprise that it was over crowed and very institutionalised. MP likened it to an old fashioned sanatorium for dogs! It was heart breaking to see all the dogs there and we were both really subdued for the rest of the day. I am sure they do their best in the circumstances and I was pleased to see several dogs being taken and rehomed.

Feeling very disheartened we filled in a few adoption forms for various rescues, a Labrador rescue and having seen a gorgeous Boxer Dalmatian cross (Hugo) on a boxer rescue site, theirs as well. The rescue contacted us to say the Hugo had been rehomed but they had a 5 month old pup arriving at a foster home in Rochdale the following day and invited us to go and have a look at him.

So with Dad in tow, off we went to meet Dylan. What a sweetie, very boisterous with the longest legs you have ever seen. Turns out Dylan is a Collie Boxer cross but we think there is a little bit of Whippet in him. After half an hour of licking and a quick walk on some local grass, Dylan was loaded into the car with his new forever owners.

Here is Sam - the puppy previously known as Dylan

So 4 weeks in and he is settling very well, not all the cats are impressed but I am sure with time they will come around.

The second BIG event of Feb was the class up at Art from the heart with the one and only .............. Tim Holtz.

We had a full 5 hours of wonderfulness and playing with his fabulous goodies including his new distress stains and making a brilliant mini book out of Wendi Vecchi, Claudine Hellmuth and Tims products. I had the most amazing time and of course it would not have been complete without the compulsory photo with his Lordship

Dont I look smug?

This was kit we got to make the class

More of the class goodies - can you tell what it's going to be yet?

Work in progress but starting to take shape

His Lordship doing the raffle - I won a set of his new steampunk stamps.

If you get the opportunity I would really recommend attending one of his classes, he really has a fantastic knack of making it seem easy and you will come away so fired up with so many ideas your head feels like it is going to explode but in a nice way.

So thats pretty much February taken care of, next post will bring us back up to date and will be full of pics of all my latest work.

Till then ............


  1. Wow, looks like you had a most wonderful time! And congrats on the new addition to the family. Have the moggies stopped sulking yet?

  2. This blogs seriously needs updating !

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