Monday, 20 December 2010

Wey Hey

There was me joking about the nice Yaktrax people reading my blog and wey hey but who leaves me a message ..................... the nice Yaktrax people. How did they find my blog and mention of their wonderful product? Wonders of the internet I guess.

So two posts in as many days, way to go.

The other big news worth posting is that Lord Tim (Tim Holtz for the uninitiated) is paying braving the elements and visiting the UK in February. He will be doing a couple of classes at Art From The Heart in Harrogate and the tickets go on sale tonight at 7pm. So excited. Guess what I am hoping to get for my birthday :o)

Talking of Art From the Heart, Dyan has posted up the new Spring classes including a art journalling backgrounds page by Kate Crane. Kate does the most amazing backgrounds to her pages and my mate Kathb and I have booked to attend, so fingers crossed the snow holds off.

Got my winter tyres put on my car today and drove all the way up the hill. Didn't quite have the bottle to drive all the way to the house just in case it's really cold tonight, or should I say colder. It was already -5 at 3.30pm today but as long as the nice men grit the hill tonight it should be ok.

Well off to do, well nothing really except try to keep warm.

Till next time.


  1. Wishing you a Happy New Year! and thank-you for the links - off to explore. Perhaps we'll bump into each other somewhere this year!

  2. I was blog hopping and ran across yours. Love your journal pages, lots of fun things to look at, will go back again to view some more and become a follower.


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