Saturday, 23 January 2010

So Happy :o)

I have never been so delighted to be kept awake half the night as I was last Friday. The wind was howling and the rain lashing down on the conservatory attached to my bedroom - wonderful. What made that so fantastic you might ask - well, the met office got the forecast right and it was getting rid of the snow!

So, on waking up Saturday and looking out the window grass could be seen! I was not the only one delighted to see the green carpet outside, my neighbours chickens (who had not been seen for weeks) made a mad dash down the field when let out obviously to find the best spot. I love it when the let the chickens out in a morning it's like the wacky races and those little critters really can move.

It also meant that I got out of the house for the first time in nearly a week, having taken holidays or worked from home, that MP and I could go and buy some coal, the nice coal man could deliver our pre Christmas order, we could get our post and most importantly we could arrange to get gas delivered Monday morning.

So as I sit here now, a week later, I sit in a warm house :o) (well as warm as it gets). The gas people delivered (only half a tank but the rest is coming), the fire is lit and blazing away, we can cook meals in the oven instead of the microwave and WE CAN SHOWER again - bliss :o)

My days off were put to good use though. I am participating in a monthly tag swap on UKS so I managed to get both the January and February tags completed and my entry for a CJ I am in. So not wasted.

January Tags

February Tags

I've also completed stage one of the Nancy Lefko class and started a monthly journal diary, mentioned in one of the groups on UKS. Will post photos later.

The other wonderful thing about no snow - I can finally get to the hairdressers and get my roots done and the mop cut and as I have the first appointment of the day, I had better get a move on.

Thanks for reading and back later all red and glossy.

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  1. These tags are gorgeous, lots of work has clearly been put into these - I think the recipitents in the swap will be delighted when they receive these :)


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