Sunday, 5 July 2009

July already

Its the first Sunday of the month and that means one thing ..... Sarah's cards Warrington crop. Yet again another good day was had by all and reasonably productive. One LO, one DLO for my holiday 2005 circle journal (finishing off the photos that didn't get done) and one side of a circle journal I am in, I'd printed out the photo too big to do the other side. So fairly chuffed with myself. Bought some of the gorgeous Basic Grey Marrakesh papers which are gorgeous and a few other bits to be going along with. No pics as yet but will follow.

Got my 'Arty Farty Jigsaw' back and lovely it is too. One slight problem for our group, in that one of the groups jigsaws was cut differently than the rest, so one piece on all our completed jiggy's doesn't fit.

How this works is ........ a blank jigsaw of 9 pieces is bought by 9 people who make up one group. Each person in the group selects a topic/theme to have their jiggy decorated in. Mine was China in colours Red, Cream, Brown and Silver. The host (NettyB) sends each member of the team 9 pieces to decorate (each piece coming from a different team members original jiggy). Following this?

So then you decorate the appropriate piece to the chosen theme of the teamie and send the 9 (all different) pieces back to the host who then makes up each members completed jigsaw and returns it to them.

Not confusing at all. Just in case you are confused ....... here's mine :o)

Arty Farty Jigsaw 2009

As soon as I have finished my piece (top right) I will be getting it framed to display in the house. Gorgeous and thank you to all the team who took the time and effort to create this lovely work of arty.

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