Wednesday, 17 June 2009


Can't believe its the middle of June already, and half way through the year and yet again I have failed in the blogging stakes.

So what's been happening ......

I am still in the job I don't like. Still not enjoying it very much. The people are really nice, having alternate Fridays off is fantastic and the traveling is so much better but it is so dull. I can spend the whole day doing very little and even doing work for my colleagues in the team doesn't fill the day. I told my boss in my 1:1 that I needed some more work and all she said was the investigation I was doing at the moment would fill my day!! It isn't!!!

I've sold the blue golf I bought earlier this year. For some reason it just wasn't as nice as the previous one and I couldn't 'bond' with it, so stuck it on autotrader and sold it within a couple of days. Then of course you have 2 more weeks of constant phone calls, including one wierdo who was so drunk or stoned he couldn't seem to grasp the fact it was sold, very amusing to listen to this on speaker phone on the way home.

2 weeks without a car and I found the most perfect new one, well again, new to me. A sexy black Mazda 3, photo to follow. So impressed am I that I have even had my plate put on it, which I never bothered to do with the blue golf. It drives like a dream, has an in built 6 CD interchanger and is a complete smoke free zone - it must be love :o)

Had a lovely Friday with my 'old' friends from Team Risk at MRI a couple of weeks ago. Chinese buffet lunch at Red Chilli then an afternoon of shopping with Mr H. What a hoot, I have never spent as long testing perfumes and colognes ever nor have I come away with as many free samples and discovered some must have new smells. I even scrapped a page to celebrate the occasion.

Father's Day this weekend and Pops, Mum and I are off to The Millbank at Millbank to sample (yet again) their superb cuisine. Sadly MP will not be coming with us as he is off to Scotland for the weekend on a bike tour with his biker buddies. Therefore I am also taking the opportunity to have a little gathering at my place on Saturday to partake of a little scrap booking and of course chatting.

On that note, better get back to the cleaning ....... don't want anyone to know how untidy my house really is ....... then again what are closed doors for if not for hiding things?

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